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Easy open heat film

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Easy open heat film Usage:

Put aluminum foil side to the mouth of container, then seal the container by heat sealing machine under 1.0-3 seconds.
Moderate heat press temperature, easy operation, performance index:
Specification: 0.04-0.25mm thickness, unlimited diameter
Thickness error: ±0.005mm
Heat press temperature:130-180℃
Heat film roll appearance: silver, gold and transparent
Packaging: request as clients
Notes: Heat press temperature range is suggestion. The temperature is related with heat machine, thickness of material, heat conductivity and pressure. Users need test to confirm.

Easy open heat filmApplication:

Widely used in all kinds of cups and boxes like foods and cosmetic etc. Sealing PE, PET, PP, PVC, glass bottles and so on, heat film has hundreds of species and also can be embossed and printed.

Easy open heat film Features: :

Good sealability, easy open, keep mouth of container clean and high quality.

Easy open heat film:

Easy open heat film:

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