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  • Semi Automatic Cake Machine

    Semi Automatic Cake Machine

    CakeProductionLine,adoptingadvancedtechnologyfromabroadandcombinedwithtraditionalChinesecraft,hasthebakingwayssuchasgasburning,hot-windcirculation,andelectricityheating. The Semi Automatic Cake Machine cake the line made is fresh and tender, soft in taste and uniform in color. Semi-automatic equipme...

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  • Jelly Candy Machine

    Jelly Candy Machine

    This Jelly/soft Candy Processing Line is an advanced Plant for producing various shapes and colors of jelly candy. It is an ideal equipment for continuous production of high quality candy (QQ candy), such as single /double-color QQ candy. By replacing the mold of the depositing head, it can produce ...

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  • Rotary Baking Oven

    Rotary Baking Oven

    Its characteristics: even fire color, Rotary Baking Oven cant be compared by the general oven; the high-efficient power-saving technology makes the energy fully utilized even more; imported parts with super keeping warm and rigor airtight quality and good performance of keeping warm, reduce the heat...

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